AVNP Neapolitan Pizza Training in Naples

Training in Naples

A 10-day foray into the cradle of pizza in Naples to follow
Training with the AVPN Association of Neapolitan Pizza

A stay that started with a visit to my family in the district of Vomero where it places the two family pizzerias to greet my uncles.

Accompanied by the team of TF1 for a report on my history with my family but also my career.

The training to begin with a presentation and a court on hygiene rules with the association presented by the President Mr Massimo Di Porzio.

Educational training where they were offered several very informative visits

pizzeria napolitaine paris

Visit of a mill

An informative visit in a mill, I discovered the protocol that characterizes each typology of flour, whether it is composed of soft grain, tender or hard.

Visit of a Buffala mozzarella plant

Handcrafted mozzarella, I attended the preparation of it in a completely authentic way for a result, simply milky and exceptional, to find soon in my restaurant on all creations of my pizza card .

pizzeria napolitaine paris
pizzeria napolitaine paris

Visit of a traditional wood kiln manufacturing plant.

Artisanal manufacture of a wood furnace, with technical explanations such as the positioning of the stones that surround the furnace, the choice of slabs that make up the floor of the wood furnace.

Final Exam

The final exam was to produce a pizza marinara and then a pizza Magherita
That I presented to the jury for which I was awarded 1st place in the ranking.

pizzeria napolitaine paris
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Réserver votre table

« Afin de préserver la qualité de la pâte, nous ne pouvons produire de grandes quantités, aussi est-il impératif de réserver 2-3 jours à l’avance pour le déjeuner et le dîner.

Nous vous informons que pour toutes les réservations (1er ou 2ème service), passé un quart d’heure de retard et sans nouvelle du client, la table sera donnée à quelqu’un d’autre. »

Information service :
lundi au vendredi:
1er service : heure d'arrivée 19h - 19h40
2ème service : heure d'arrivée 20h30 - 22h30

Samedi midi:
1er service :
heure d'arrivée 12h - 12h30
2ème service : heure d'arrivée 13h00 -14h30

Le restaurant est fermé le dimanche

Pour les commandes à emporter merci d'appeler directement à la Pizzeria minimum 1 jour avant.

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